Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Live tattoo session interview by you

So here's the plan. I was recently followed on twitter by a group that does live tattoo session broadcasting. Their idea of broadcasting live tattoo sessions online gave me an idea. Maybe I should do a live session so anybody following the blog could easily see the ink going on me after they spent an entire year following PRBY. It seemed like a good idea but not greatly interesting. I figure people would maybe tune in and watch for a moment or two. Then, they would promptly say, "Yep, that's Paul getting Latin bird names tattooed on him." followed quickly by, "This is boring, what's in it for me?" Followed even quicker by closing their browser window. My writer partner Adam Bailey had the great idea of making it an interview about the film and big year. Now there was suddenly something for people to tune in to. I tossed the idea out on twitter and Facebook yesterday to see if any of you would be interested in that. So far interest has been pretty good.

So, that's what I plan to do. Now comes the incredible hassle of organizing it. I need a venue with fast Internet, a web cam, a person to conduct the interview, someone to monitor my Facebook and twitter account while I sit in the hot seat and someone to help get the word out there. I hope a live tattoo interview will be a first for both birding and tattooing. 

Anyway, I have heard from a few people but not enough to make a big enough audience to have an hours worth (half hour might do) of questions. Questions can be about anything; birding, tattoos, me, my family, my job, you, anything at all. I'll strive to answer any question anyone might have. They don't have to be flattering, just interesting. I have a very thick skin (pardon the pun) from working in the advertising business.

To help me gauge interest level, please, please, please, please leave a comment here (even if you usually don't comment) on this blog post if you'd tune in to the session with questions (save the questions for the moment though so I can't prepare answers). Again I say please?

Thanks for the support you've given me. You're the main reason I keep this going.

Paul Riss
Punk Rock Big Year


  1. I love this idea... my last two tattoo sessions yielded some highly interesting conversations about birds with the people in the shop. I believe generating a little hype for birds, tats, and PRBY will be fun interaction; especially while you gnarl in pain! Although right now, I can only think of smart ass questions to ask.

    Maybe I'll go birding while you do this and submit my sightings.

  2. thanks man. i wish i had a way to know if lots of people would participate. like i said, the questions can be anything.

  3. Although I can't think of anything right now, I'd tune in.

  4. thanks Crystal. you'll have until probably the end of march to think of something.

  5. As a silent follower of your blog- I would love to tune it to watch and listen.....I would be interested in questions about moments of the bird you saw- and relating it to location of the tattoo on your body and maybe info about the latin names- if the name jumps out at you as meaning something....I would also be interested in what relationship you see between your punk rock life and your bird life....is there a musical connection? songs and songs and calls or it is more of a way ofe being and living.....and can you relate it to the ways that birds move over the land and how you move over the land....I have had moments while birding of complete bliss- the same way that i feel when i hear a favorite song...is it the same for you? I know that these are not specific questions...more ideas of what I would like to hear more about.....Thanks for your blog....and your drive to make this happen.....

  6. Airin: thanks very much for the comment. it means a lot to me that people are getting some sort of enjoyment out of what i'm trying to do. there's been a real shift in the idea behind the film from the beginning to now. i'll be glad to answer any questions you might have when this thing happens.

    thanks for following