Wednesday, April 24, 2013


What The Font?

This is a question that kept coming up again and again with this project. And it was something I considered an awful lot leading up to the first tattoo session. What font do I love? I mean really love. The kind of love that lasts, well, a lifetime. And according to some exhumed bodies (I've seen pictures of), this loves gotta' last beyond the grave. I hope there's no reason to dig me up after I'm done here but if they do, they'll see that I'm covered in tattoos of Latin words.

The question I've been getting a lot from you fine folks; So when you decided to be a crazy person and tattoo 468 Latin words on your body for ever and ever and ever, what font did you choose? It's a font called Sailor Gothic. It was designed about 10 years ago by Christian Acker, the owner of the awesome agency out of NYC called Adnauseum. He's the kind of designer that makes me feel like I'm a shit designer.

But not only does he run an agency, he's the author of the book Handselecta, Flip The Script too. Oh yeah, and he's a type designer. The best part is you too can start getting tattoos in Sailor Gothic by clicking this link and buying a copy of the font right now...

So big thanks to Christian for designing a font that'll be with me for as long as I'll be here. His book is a really interesting study of graffiti tags, their artistic merit and their origin. Watch this film to learn a bit more about it.