Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to fund a documentary

Easy right. All you have to do is deprive your entire family of anything that isn't free for 365 days!


...have a job in advertising. I chose a little of both. Luckily, the children are young and won't likely remember the sacrifices they made. If you read Rachel's post on PRBY, you know she might not forget so easily. In all honesty, most of it was done with our own money, that and the insane amount of support we got (and are still getting) from people I've been lucky enough to work with over the last 10 years in the ad business.

Yes, I'm one of those ad people. I interrupt your day, evening and any other time I can to try and get you to buy stuff. If I could, I'd probably get you in your dreams too. ;-) It might seem a tad evil for a guy into conservation. Truthfully, I don't always stand behind what I sell but I also do lots of free work for charity and mostly conservation related charities. I do what I can. And that's really all we can do right? I thought instead of one of my long- winded posts that you have to read, I'd give you a bunch of pictures to look at. These videos and images represent what I do when I'm not birding. This is what pays the bills and buys the scopes and bins and road-trips to see birds. It also buys beer and whiskey and music. Some is TV spots and some print ads or band stuff. Enjoy.


  1. The sole upside to funding a film yourself is that every frame is yours, no compromises. A tough equation, no doubt, but a gratifying one.

  2. Thanks. That makes me feel somewhat better. on the other side, if it sucks, it's all my fault. ;-)

    i just started watching Morgan Spurlock's film about sponsorship and advertising in films. it's interesting to see. that isn't the capacity that i work in advertising so i'm enjoying that new territory. would i have worn/said/plugged zeiss for a pair and some cash, i wonder.

  3. Amazing body of work Paul...as a person who has to clean other peoples' detritus out of my ditches every week, I LOVE the littering ones the most. I have total respect for how you did PRBY, it can't have been easy, but truly, it is all yours that way. (p.s Promise I'll give Rach enough bourbon that she'll get over it :))