Saturday, January 1, 2011

PRBY bird 1 = Columba livia

Last night my wife and I were lucky enough to have her sister watch the twins so we could spend the evening at Lee's Palace in Toronto watching three great bands. Those bands were Bradleyboy, Catl and Elliott Brood. It was an amazing night watching the bands from the green room. Great times were had by all.

Then there was the midnight kiss. And right after that, I went outside to start my Punk Rock Big Year. Surprisingly, I was unable to find a Rock Dove (Pigeon) when I went outside. This was crazy when you consider I've had them fly into head while riding my bike downtown. I walked all the way to the Bathurst subway station trying to find one. No luck. It didn't seem like a great way to start my Big Year. I returned to the show to watch some more great music. When things started winding down at 2am, I hung outside Lee's having a burrito with Rachel (my wife) Bradleyboy and Miss Jude (Bradleyboy's wife). Then I saw it. Two dirty, ratty looking Rock Doves huddled on an equally dirty window sil above the burrito joint. Ugly as they were, they represented my first bird species of the year. The first tattoo will read, "Columba livia."

Here's Bradleyboy ending his set.

Here's Catl ending their set.

And here's a bit of Elliott Brood. Along with a crazy drunk girl that kept getting up on stage. We found a cut out of a crow in the green room which was handed to me. can't count it but I'll get the real thing in a day or so.

Happy New Year everyone and good birding in 2011. If you're into that sort of thing.

Paul Riss


  1. Thanks Gavan. Got 6 more driving home from the city this afternoon. Even in this fog travelling at 120khm/hr.

  2. Good start my friend. I've seen you spot birds in even more compromising situations. While shark diving for instance. Good luck.

  3. Thanks Anto. That was a Shy Albatross if my memory serves me correctly.