Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Trailer

It's been a lot of work for a few great people but it's finally done. This makes the whole thing feel a bit more real. Please share this with everyone you know and attach a link to the funding page. There's still 16 days for you or someone you know to get involved.

Punk Rock Big Year
Paul Riss


  1. Yes!

    I love that there's a nipple in the opening shot. You give us the goods right up front Paul, wooo!

  2. Thanks man, I do aim to please. or freak people out.

  3. Rest assured, I have spammed and emailed and networked and now all kinds of strangers across the U.S. have seen your nipple, and will perhaps pay money for the experience. How does that make a guy feel???

  4. i always wanted to be a famous birder. i'll take it however it comes.

    here's another initiative.