Monday, June 11, 2012

Back Yard (Punk Rock) Chirper

Once again I find a myself featured on a birding blog. I'm happy to be in the company of the fine people over at The Backyard Chirper. I am always pleasantly surprised when these opportunities arise. I never know if people are paying attention but I guess some are. If you don't follow Backyard Chirper's blog, please do me a solid, read their take on my project and then move on to their other stories. Who needs another birding blog? We do, we're birders and we all know we consume anything bird related like we used to consume rebellious music our parents hate. Ok, so some of us still consume said music.


  1. You sure break the mold! :D Congratulations

  2. Hey Paul -

    Found you through the Backyard Chirper blog. Love hearing about new twists to a favorite past-time!

    I have my share of tattoos (several birds included in a full back-piece) and a nose ring, but am glad to say I don't get odd looks (yet) when out birding.

    Keep blogging - I'm enjoying your posts!

  3. Cynthia M., Thanks for the compliment. There was no link to you tats. I'd love to check them out. Got another post coming soon.

  4. Didn't even think to do that! I'm blogging the evolution of the full back-piece I'm getting over at my personal blog: I don't have pictures of my other pieces, but the compass on my upper arm has made it into a variety of pictures - I'll try to remember to post it on my blog one of these days....