Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Carden Challenge fund raiser.

Punk Rock Big Year is about to embark on the Carden Challenge. What's that? It's a contest to see what team can find the most bird species in 24 hours. But even better, we do it to raise money that goes toward habitat and bird conservation. Be Good. Help me, help birds. Click here to learn more.

Some of you have asked for more info. on this Carden Challenge. Here's a note I recieved from the organizer.

"I wanted to let you know that the Couchiching Conservancy has decided to allocate half of the funds raised by the Carden Challenge this year towards the purchase of Bluebird Ranch.  This is a 206-acre property at the southern end of Wylie Road, on the west side, and directly behind the Important Bird Area sign.  As many visitors to Carden know, the fencelines here are a great spot for Eastern Bluebirds, as well as Wilson's Snipe and sometimes Upland Sandpiper.  The wet area within the property sometimes has Sedge Wrens, and a few years ago hosted a highly visible Henslow's Sparrow for about a week.  Besides its attractions to birders, the Ranch has patches of alvar plants, and links directly to Windmill Ranch to the north.  As part of the deal, we are purchasing two one-acre residential lots that were recently severed and fenced near the corner; those lots will never be developed.  Obviously we are very keen on this purchase, and want to be sure that we have all the funds needed in place for closing this fall."

If you were thinking of making a pledge, remember that some of your money will go toward the Bluebird Ranch purchase.  We are confident that 75% of the funds needed are in place, but still need to raise $75,000, so every dollar is important.


  1. Cool, do you have any more info on this race? A link perhaps. When is it? Thanks.

  2. Here's a story about the challenge. http://orilliapacket.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2986048

  3. More info added about where your hard-earned donation money will go.

  4. Indeed we are sir. spent the weekend practicing my 'by ear IDs.' i did OK...