Thursday, February 3, 2011

The punk part

It's been a little while since my last post. I've had a birthday since and have seen very few birds. It's not my fault. I went looking. It's just that they are not showing up where they are reported. I even went for a Harlequin Duck on my birthday (the actual day) and never got it (And I still don't have it). The birding gods are against me. Why? Who knows? Maybe they have read my blog and are asking, "Where's the Punk?"

Harlequin Duck by  Dendroica cerulea.

Well, the Punk is coming today. In the form of a haircut. There was a time when I sported a Mohawk haircut. True, it was in my younger years but I'm bringing it back for my Big Year. At lunch, I go to my barber to get the cut. His shop is the shit. It's called Crows Nest. He's a great guy and a great barber. It's awesome to see someone bringing back the mens barbershop. And he's doing it right. It's for dudes and with every cut, you get a Pabst Blue Ribbon. You can check out John's place on Facebook here. Like it. Love it. Go get a cut.

Crows Nest Website.

Here's a look at my hair as it is this morning.

Look for the after shots of my Mohawk later today.

Paul Riss
Punk Rock Big Year


  1. glad i read this post today, might have pepper sprayed a strange man w a mohawk barging through my door.

  2. Man, I wish there was a barbershop like that near me! Keep up the great work!

  3. Hi Paul,
    I trust this barber charges old school prices,ten bucks,ten bucks,ten bucks.....or is it $30 and a straight edge shave Bernadette

  4. Thanks Andrew. I am lucky to have Crows Nest.

  5. @ Bernadette. The prices are very fair. And they do in fact give a proper straight razor shave.