Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Flu out. Ink in.

Well, my family had a terrible stomach flu that ripped around our household and that's why activity has been sparse on PRBY. It lasted from about Dec. 8th to the 15th. Luckiest of all my family, I got it twice. Anyway, the last thing on my mind was birding or my upcoming big year. Now, with only ten days until it starts, I'm running around trying to figure out how January and the rest of next year will look. I'm not usually the guy to plan out a year of my life ahead of time. It feels like it's already over when I'm figuring out what I'll be doing in September 2011.

All that flu put a serious dent in getting the main tat done in time for the big year next year. Today, at lunch, I'll be finishing the outline. Then I have to wait until next year to finish filming the colouring of it.

I'm sure I'll be posting again before the new year but I wanted to wish everyone that reads PRBY a happy holiday, however you celebrate.

My twins decorating our Christmas tree.

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