Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thanks and call to action...

This documentary will be a lot of hard work. Some people have already given of their time and I wanted to thank them right off the bat. Anyone interested in pitching in, I'm open. I need just about everything right now (especially post production). 

I have a very talented Writer helping out. I have a tentative Producer on board. There are at least three camera men on board so far. I have an extremely talented tattoo artist (he's done any of the good work already on my body). I'll announce these folks' names whenever they sign on 100%. 

I'm still in need of so much more. Editor, colourist, more camera people, animation house, etc. If you are interested, contact me on Facebook.

If any money is made (which I seriously doubt), I'll be giving it to a bird related charity.

Paul Riss

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